Batelina – the number 1 Croatian restaurant

Can you believe that just ten years ago Istrians were disgusted by eating anything raw coming from the sea? David Skoko turned that uspide down. Give him fresh fish or shellfish – the more underrated, the better – and he’ll turn it into glorious bites now considered as Istrian take on sushi or carpaccio. This family-owned tavern is in the heart of all true Croatian gourmands and won many awards in the last five years. They put quality before profit, promote local ingredients and wine and make you feel like among friends. Batelina is located in Banjole only 9km from Liznjan. The reservation is needed few days in advance at number +385 52 573 767.

Green garden

Green Garden is a place where fun and relaxation is guaranteed. Green Garden entertainment centre is offering you the option of renting a go-cart, and ride on one of the best Croatian karting track throughout the year. Opening hours are 09:00 to 23:00 in summer periods from May to October, and 09:00 to 17:00 in winter.The trail has approval for European competitions and only as such on the Adriatic, 1002m in length and width of 7-8m which meets the strictest safety rules of karting. More from Green Garden includes quad rental cars, rental of paintball equipment and facilities, and facilities for soccer. For more informations please visiti the Green Garden pages.



Panoramic flights

Enjoy the south Istria from the sky. Three flights available departuring from the airport located between Medulin and Pula. The shortest over Medulin, Premantura, Verudela and Pula. The second and the third one including the flights over the national park Brijuni and the city of Rovinj. The panoramic flights are operated by Delic air. More informations availabe at Delicair.



5 days at the south of Istria

Here is how you can spend 5 days out of main summer season at the south of Istria having a base our apartment in Liznjan.

National park Brijuni. Out of the summer season it is recommended to book the trip to the island of Brijuni in advance on +385 52 525 883. The shuttle boat sails out from the port of Fažana that is around 13 km from Ližnjan. To reach Fažana, first drive to Pula and then follow signs for Fažana.

For up-scale dining experience I recommend restaurants Milan in Pula (+385 52 300 200), or Vela Nera (+385 52 300 621) in nearby Šišan that is just 2 km from Ližnjan.

Visit of coastal town of Rovinj (49km from Ližnjan) and picturesque town of Bale (Valle) (35km from Liznjan) is a great one day excursion. I suggest starting the trip in the morning with sightseeing of Rovinj. On the way back stop in Bale where you can visit medieval castle and have lunch at hotel-restaurant La Grisa (+385 52 824 501).

One day you can also take EatIstria cooking class which includes visit to the Pula fish and farmers market. During the course you will learn making of the traditional Istrian pasta like fuži, pljukanci or krafi or, if you prefer fish, learn how to make brodet (fish stew) and perfectly grill entire fish on wood fired barbecue.

Visit local winemakers. First of all Trapan winery in nearby Šišan. Book the tasting on +385 52 574 770. Usually the visit is held in the afternoon. Another winemaker to recommend is Giacometti-Moscarda winery in Vodnjan (10 km from Ližnjan) that you can book on +385 52 511 975.

For more relaxed dinner with the freshest seafood prepared simply and traditionally you can choose between Miramare in Pomer (+385 52 573 165) and Galiola in Ližnjan (+385 52 578 323).

One day you should reserve for visit of Pula, the city with 3000 years long history that has many well-preserved Roman monuments amond which the most important one is Arena, Pula’s colloseum.

A mandatory place for diner while you are in Istria is family run tavern Batelina in Banjole. As the place is very popular among local and international gourmet travelers, it should be book at least five days in advance on +385 52 573 767. I suggest trying all fish starters, most of them based on raw fish, that are on offer that day. Just let yourself in the hands of chef David Skoko and you’ll remember that dinner forever.


nezakcij-newnezakcij-new2This is the most important archaeological site on all the peninsula. The spacious and massive hill-fort of Nezakcij had been shaped in the Bronze Age. It had been the political and religious centre of the Histrian tribes alliance and their capital. Nezakcij is located near Valtura, at the north of Liznjan. More about Nezakcij from Wikipedia.nezakcij-new4

Discover south east Istria in one day

Recently someone told me about the small wine producer from Segotici, and after I visited him I made this plan for a one day trip along the places at the south east Istrian coast. There are two wineries (Trapan and the new discovered Siljan vinery), a restaurant Vela Nera, the historical site of Nezactium and a couple of scenic views on Kvarner bay. A part of the trip consist of taking a macama road to Kavran. Don’t worry, the road is in a very good shape and it’s only 7,5 km loong. Detailed plan about the roads to follow will be available for our guests. This trip could be done during both summer and winter.

south east Istria one day trip


Istria in spirit is a project that will introduce you to the Istrian legends and myths. In a few days, visitors are offered a unique journey through time, from castles, Roman villas, historical towns and museums to participate in the Roman feast, medieval execution, Baroque ball and stay in the black coal. The events are offering moments of mystical Istrian history with top actors and great scenery, and will be completed with a special dinner prepared from different historical periods, entertainment, dancing and many surprises. The two nearest events to Liznjan are held in Pula and Medulin. For the event calendar please visit

istriainspirit-1 istriainspirit-2 istriainspirit-3


First historical mentions of Pula are more than 3000 years old. Ancient Rome left in this town at the tip of Istria many monuments, theatres, temples, thriumphal arche, mosaics… Among them roman amphitheater Arena is surely the most famous one, the reason why one come to visit Pula. In the summer it is a very animated city with a lot of cultural events. Pula Film Festival is worth noting due to its long tradition, intimate connection with the people from Pula and beautiful experience of watching films in Arena under stars. If you are lucky enough, you can even attend (for free!) big ship launching in Uljanik, Pula’s shipyard founded by Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1856.
More about Pula





Brijuni – national park

Brijuni National Park is a group of fourteen islands located west of Pula that are well worth visit for anyone visiting South Istria. Brijuni can be reached by shuttle boat from Fažana, a small village with long fishermen tradition, which is 18 km from Ližnjan. The boat ride is included in the entrance ticket to the National Park. It is recommended to book in advance the visit by calling the following numbers: +385 52 525883 or 525882. And to enjoy the islands from the sky you can book your panoramic fligh with Delicair. Here are some links to find out more about these islands of paradise.
Brijuni – Wikipedia
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