Our apartment is in Liznjan which is not a big tourist place. In Croatia all the touristic places has a category. Cathegory A are top destinations as Dubrovnik, Porec, Rovinj, Medulin are. Liznjan is in the cathegory B. It is a small place of about 2000 inhabitants. In the summer it is not loud at nigh, for parties there is Medulin in 2km. To go to the beaches you will need the car, it is not so far but a car is suggested. The main beach in Liznjan is Salbunic and it is made of stones and concrete. Around the beach there is a big green area. Further, I will give you instruction how to go to reach some hidden pebbles beaches. For sand beach there is a need to go to Medulin, or to a small island of Levan (taxi boat). You should know,  Croatia is not famous for sand beaches. We have rock and pebbles. All the main beaches are reachable by road. For hidden beaches you will have to take a path, your car will be dirty but I think this is not an issue. Here a list of things to do out of the beach. (1) A visit to the city of Pula mostly known for the roman amphitherater where many summer festivals take place, and a evening trip to the city of Rovinj. (2) The national park of Brijuni which is an island located at the west of the peninsula. (3) The nature park of Kamenjak famous for beaches and the Safary bar. (4) For the lovers of wine tasting there is the Trapan winery only 5 minutes by car from our house (5) Number one Croatina restaurant Batelina famous for raw fish located in Banjole and Miramare in Pomer (6) Panoramic flights over the south of Istrian peninsula. (7) The Istriainspirit events that will introduce you to the Istrian legends and myths offering a unique journey through time. Food supply : there are three small shops for daily supplies at walk distance of 2 to 5 minutes from our house, and a big supermarket located in Medulin (approximately 5km from our house).


When you are going on holiday, probably you would like to know what are climate conditions of the region you will be visiting. Istria has a Mediterranean climate, or in other we have warm summers and mild and pleasant winters. Average summer temperatures vary from 25ªC in June and September to 28ºC in July and August. Beware that here we are talking about average temperatures so do not be surprised if you have bad luck to experience the heat wave with 38ºC in the shadow. There are three types of winds here. First there is Bura, cold and dry wind appearing mostly in the winter that brings clear weather. Then there is Jugo, humid and warm, that brings rain, bad mood and quarrels. Finally we have Maestral, a summer breeze that brings some refreshment on hot summer nights. If you would like to know more about weather and climate here are some links to visit.

EuroWeather for Pula
Croatian Meteorological Service – 7 days forecast