Batelina – the number 1 Croatian restaurant


Can you believe that just ten years ago Istrians were disgusted by eating anything raw coming from the sea? David Skoko turned that uspide down. Give him fresh fish or shellfish – the more underrated, the better – and he’ll turn it into glorious bites now considered as Istrian take on sushi or carpaccio. This family-owned […]


Green garden


Green Garden is a place where fun and relaxation is guaranteed. Green Garden entertainment centre is offering you the option of renting a go-cart, and ride on one of the best Croatian karting track throughout the year. Opening hours are 09:00 to 23:00 in summer periods from May to October, and 09:00 to 17:00 in […]


Panoramic flights


Enjoy the south Istria from the sky. Three flights available departuring from the airport located between Medulin and Pula. The shortest over Medulin, Premantura, Verudela and Pula. The second and the third one including the flights over the national park Brijuni and the city of Rovinj. The panoramic flights are operated by Delic air. More […]


5 days at the south of Istria


Here is how you can spend 5 days out of main summer season at the south of Istria having a base our apartment in Liznjan. National park Brijuni. Out of the summer season it is recommended to book the trip to the island of Brijuni in advance on +385 52 525 883. The shuttle boat […]




This is the most important archaeological site on all the peninsula. The spacious and massive hill-fort of Nezakcij had been shaped in the Bronze Age. It had been the political and religious centre of the Histrian tribes alliance and their capital. Nezakcij is located near Valtura, at the north of Liznjan. More about Nezakcij from […]

Discover south east Istria in one day


Recently someone told me about the small wine producer from Segotici, and after I visited him I made this plan for a one day trip along the places at the south east Istrian coast. There are two wineries (Trapan and the new discovered Siljan vinery), a restaurant Vela Nera, the historical site of Nezactium and […]


Street view


View Larger Map The Google street view passing near our house




Istria in spirit is a project that will introduce you to the Istrian legends and myths. In a few days, visitors are offered a unique journey through time, from castles, Roman villas, historical towns and museums to participate in the Roman feast, medieval execution, Baroque ball and stay in the black coal. The events are offering moments of mystical Istrian history with top actors and great scenery, and will be completed with a special dinner prepared from different historical periods, entertainment, dancing and many surprises. The two nearest events to Liznjan are held in […]




First historical mentions of Pula are more than 3000 years old. Ancient Rome left in this town at the tip of Istria many monuments, theatres, temples, thriumphal arche, mosaics… Among them roman amphitheater Arena is surely the most famous one, the reason why one come to visit Pula. In the summer it is a very […]


South Istria beaches


Here is a small guide to the most important beaches at the south of Istria. View South Istria beaches by LacoDeLama – apartmentRavnic in a larger map

From Italy to Istria without Slovenian toll sticker


Well, there are a few kilometers between Italy and Istria, but if you decide to use Slovenian highways the toll sticker (vinjeta-vignette) must be purchased. To save you more than 30 EUR we made two driving guides that will lead you through local roads. We hope this will be helpful to you. From Istria to […]


Beaches under the Svetica hill


According to our guests two beaches are the reason to come back to Ližnjan. The first one is the beach under the Svetica hill. It is a part of the coast between Ližnjan and Šišan looking towards the east. We call this place “the small Kamenjak” because it looks like the real Nature park Kamenjak […]




When you are going on holiday, probably you would like to know what are climate conditions of the region you will be visiting. Istria has a Mediterranean climate, or in other we have warm summers and mild and pleasant winters. Average summer temperatures vary from 25ªC in June and September to 28ºC in July and […]


Trapan winery


If you enjoy wine and would like to discover and taste “the blood” of red South Istrian soil a visit to the Trapan Wine station is recommended. It is located in Šišan, a village located only five minutes by car from Ližnjan. You can read the story about this winemaker by visiting Manjada. The winery […]


Arrival to your holliday house


I built this Google map to explain which road to take once you exit the highway in Pula. Please note that the Google map is not updated yet for the new Pula bypass. Anyway, the descriptions I made are correct. View Arriving to Liznjan in a larger map


Kamenjak – nature park


Kamenjak is a protected natural area situated at the very tip of Istrian peninsula and it is often described as “a wonder of Nature’s architecture”. It has a 30km long coast with many beaches, bays, coves and more than 550 plant species. At the most southern promontory there is famous and popular Safari bar whose […]


Brijuni – national park


Brijuni National Park is a group of fourteen islands located west of Pula that are well worth visit for anyone visiting South Istria. Brijuni can be reached by shuttle boat from Fažana, a small village with long fishermen tradition, which is 18 km from Ližnjan. The boat ride is included in the entrance ticket to […]


The island of Levan


Levan is a small island located at the South-East just 300 m from the coast. It attracts visitors because it has a nice sand beach on which there are several bars offering drinks and simple food, mostly prepared on the barbecue. In the summer season the bars organize events like wine party, human table football, water […]